12 Toilet Commandments That I Will Teach My Daughter!

The civic sense of Indians as far as keeping our surroundings clean for others is concerned, is terrible. A humourous take on this sad fact!

The civic sense of Indians as far as keeping our surroundings clean for others is concerned, is terrible. A humourous take on this sad fact!

This article is dedicated to all the women who don’t believe in the concept of responsibility towards others and cleanliness!

The sight of a filthy and unclean washroom is not only dreadful but poses a risk to our health as well. I am pretty sure all you wonderful ladies have, at some point in your lives, encountered a washroom that was beyond the term unclean and filthy. No matter how hard we try to push those dreadful memories out of our system, they just won’t fade away! Whether it’s office, public place or for that matter home, having a clean & mess-free washroom is a delight.

However, it seems not everyone sides with my kind of philosophy and some rather believe in making washroom trips for others an unforgettable, rotten, atrocious, awful, lousy and enduring experience. The minute I step into any such washroom, my stomach churns with pain and unbearable stench and sight.

Thinking about all such women, I have decided I will impart Washroom Etiquettes to my daughter, who literally is way too young to even understand the concept of washroom as of now! However, I will try my best to inculcate a sense-of-responsibility in her so that she grows up to be a hygienic girl with better civic sense than most Indians.

Here are a few lessons that I will teach my daughter, as soon as she attains an age wherein I can discuss health, hygiene and wellness with her:

  1. It’s also your washroom not just theirs, so keeping it clean is as much your responsibility as it is theirs.

  2. Before complaining and cribbing about how others leave it dirty, introspect – do I leave it clean?

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  3. Toilets here are often in Western style, not Indian style.

  4. Seats in a Western toilet are meant to sit on comfortably and not climb up on uncomfortably.

  5. Leaving the toilet bowl unclean is unhygienic. Today you might leave it unclean for others, however, tomorrow, as the cycle of karma repeats, someone else will return you the favor!

  6. Flush, it just takes a split second of your precious time to pull the trigger.

  7. The sight of pads and blood stains sickens others as much as they hurt your senses, so dump the waste rightfully in the dustbin!

  8. It takes a split second of your time and a tiny piece of tissue to wipe that one urine or blood drop from the seat.

  9. The drops on the seat are  unpleasant for me and it sure reflects your civilized state of mind.

  10. Just because no one is watching you doesn’t give you the right to leave the washroom in a mess!

  11. Leave the washroom in a condition for others such that you would want others to leave it for you!

  12. Behave like a grown-up and hygienic person. Others are not obliged to tame people with zero knowledge on hygiene.

Thank you for your patience and valuable time. Appreciate your feedback and comments!

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