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New Tanishq Jewellery Ad With Deepika Padukone Depicts Female Friendship Beautifully

Posted: July 19, 2016

Advertisements can be important platforms to send across meaningful messages to our society. The Tanishq jewellery advert is one such advert, depicting female friendship.

The new Tanishq jewellery ad featuring Deepika Padukone is refreshing. It has depicted something new in the advertising world. Rarely have I seen an advertisement depicting friendship or a close bond between two females, especially where one is successful. This advertisement does exacty that.

Jealousy is something that gets everything out of control. When comparisons arise in the friendship, that’s when problems arise. Once we realize that each one has a different path and stop competing with our friend then we can accept the fact, that in fact, we are our own perfect person.

Celebrating your friend’s success is a good way out of messy emotions. Make a pact with your friend and celebrate each other’s wins. Our friend’s success is a chance for us to learn and grow. Be her biggest fan and there will be no room for jealousy. On the other hand the more successful person can be supportive of her friend. One should realize that when you reach the pinnacle, it can get lonely and a friend is always welcome.

I’m sure you will enjoy this video, celebrating female friendship, a rarity in advertising.

Image Source: Youtube

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