These Symptoms Of Pregnancy Sometimes Get Missed! Did You Know?

Being aware of some basic symptoms of pregnancy would help women to understand their body better and prepare them for this wonderful journey called motherhood. 

Being aware of some basic symptoms of pregnancy would help women to understand their body better and prepare them for this wonderful journey called motherhood. Read this article to find out about several signs of pregnancy.

So you think you are pregnant when you have missed your periods, right? But there are other surprising symptoms of pregnancy that you should be aware of as well because no one knows your body better than you. The sooner you can understand the better – you can prepare yourself both mentally and physically for this new phase of life.

So, gear up to take well informed decisions by knowing the most common accompanying symptoms of pregnancy.

Changes in the breasts

Tender and heavy-feeling breasts and darkening of the areolas is one of the primary symptoms of pregnancy.

Shortness of Breath

You may feel shortness of breath as the growing foetus within you needs oxygen. Incidentally, this is one thing that may continue all throughout your pregnancy.

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a very common symptom of early pregnancy. It often starts as early as four weeks. Morning sickness makes you feel sick and queasy, or even vomit. The funny thing is that despite its name, morning sickness can visit you any time – day or night!

Visiting the loo more often

Visits to the loo increases due to many reasons – pregnancy hormones, increase in the volume of blood in your body, and your kidneys which are working now.

Sensitivity to smell

This is a phase in life when you develop a heighted sensitivity to smell; you can smell even those things that doesn’t even have a smell! However, the downside is that the slightest smell may trigger a vomiting sensation.

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Mood Swings

Again, this is a very common sign of pregnancy in its earlier stage. That’s okay- be lenient to yourself, and this phase shall pass too!


Headache is also a notable symptom of pregnancy. An aching head is mainly the result of the changes in your hormones.


Sudden feeling of tiredness can be attributed to the growing hormones in your body. For some, fatigue continues throughout the first trimester, but then recedes from the second trimester.

Finally, the proof

Those two pink lines in your home pregnancy test puts all your doubts to rest.

Of course, any of these symptoms of pregnancy in isolation may not be reason enough to conclude that you are pregnant, but if you find more than 2 of them simultaneously, you may want to ask yourself the question, “Am I pregnant?!”

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