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These Tweets Show That Indian Women Are Willing To Prioritise Themselves Now

Posted: May 13, 2016

Women place themselves last, goes the story. No longer! Indian women are now willing to prioritise themselves.

Traditionally, women have always been encouraged to prioritise the needs of families and communities, rather than themselves, never mind that women in poor health can’t take care of anybody else, let alone themselves!

This week’s Thursday-Twitter-Chat topic for discussion was importance of ‘Health and Fitness‘ in women’s lives.

We had an engaging and enthusiastic audience who were very emphatic about the importance of fitness in women’s lives.

It was very encouraging to see that more and more women are increasingly becoming conscious about the importance of health in their lives.

Women not only are actively taking control of their health but also amongst various other engagements, making health a priority.

It was very inspiring to see that so many women are consciously investing in their health and well being. Some took long walks because they acted as segues into ‘Me’ time, whereas for others remaining fit meant beating the bulge. 

And almost everyone chose health over appearance.

While walking, yoga, jogging swept away the maximum votes, we also had some other interesting suggestions.

Lastly, we concluded with the note that

This Saturday, 14th May, 2016 we will be having fun with Zumba moves at #FitnessOnYourMind along with some great fitness advice from Dr. Aparna Santhanam, leading dermatologist and best selling author of Jelly Belly.

Image: Woman ready for running from Shutterstock

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