Thank You For Letting Me Be – A Letter From A Daughter To Her Father

A father's role in a daughter's life is important if she is to become a strong woman. A daughter writes to her father, thanking him for letting her be herself.

A father’s role in a daughter’s life is important if she is to become a strong woman. A daughter writes to her father, thanking him for letting her be herself.

Dear Nanna,

Thank you, for letting me be! As I stand at the threshold of plunging into adulthood completely, I take time to sit back and think of how I was raised.

As I remember, I was a tough kid. I asked questions, uncomfortable ones at that. I rebelled, against anything that didn’t seem fair or right. I fought, against any word that was not spoken fairly, every action that did not see people as equal.

Yet you smiled. You only told me to write it out. You continued smiling. When someone made comments on raising two daughters, you smiled and told them the daughters are raising you as a father.

You let chauvinism die a slow death. You crushed chivalry when you let us carry our own baggage, literally and figuratively; emotionally, mentally, physically and every possible way.

You led by example, by never hesitating to follow your heart. You told us to be proud of being a human and not let identities of caste, religion, race and sex take over. You never let us be influenced by propagators of these differences and you taught us to answer back. Assertively, not aggressively.
I had my own share of battles, you let me fight and learn from them. I fell down, hurt myself badly in the process, you watched me nurse myself, all the while being a silent pillar. And that, my father is how I learnt to be strong.
You imbibed in me a sense of compassion and consideration. You helped understand that pain is an integral part of life and when someone else is pained, it is all the more important to understand and stand by them. Empathy, you told me was what mattered.You never stopped me when I cried. It made me understand, that being sensitive is also a part of being human.Today, I proudly speak my heart out and wear my mind on my sleeve.
You told me once, when there is nothing that is unfair, there is nothing to hide. Yet you never let that compromise on personal space, emotional and mental.As I speak today, I can only thank you once again, for letting me be.
Much love, Your daughter, the strong woman.


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