Why This ‘Intrapreneur’ Enjoyed Breaking Barriers With Entrepreneurs

Women's Web brings you many events that are all about Breaking Barriers. Here is an account of one 'intrepreneur' who enjoyed attending #BreakingBarriers in Bangalore.

Women’s Web brings you many events that are all about Breaking Barriers. Here is an account of one ‘intrepreneur’ who enjoyed attending #BreakingBarriers in Bangalore.

I woke up, albeit grudgingly on a Saturday morning to drag myself all the way to to the other end of town to attend the ‘Breaking Barriers:Marketing Mantras’ event organized by Women’s Web in Bangalore last Saturday. By the time I reached the venue and started talking to people I realized that almost everybody present there was an entrepreneur.

The first question that anybody would ask was not a hello but a “So what’s your business / business idea?” And everybody’s idea mattered, no matter how small or big. I almost thought that I was wasting my Saturday (I gave up on my most beloved Saturday morning sleep, no less), obviously this was not for me. I am no entrepreneur. I work in the People Function of a Non profit set-up. And here I was listening with rapt attention to some fabulous business ideas. So anyway now that I was at the venue, I wanted to see where  this event would lead. And what a fantastic Saturday it turned out to be!

With inspiring speakers like Bhavna Toor (Shenomics), Lalana Zaveri (Printo), Bharati Jacob (Seedfund), Ashwini Asokan (Mad Street Den), Nidhi Agarwal (Karyaah) the day was one of the most inspiring and motivating for me personally. I am sure most of the other participants would agree too.

I was one of those entrepreneurs listening in rapt attention to some meaningful words on Social Media marketing, sustaining startups, marketing and of course listening to your inner voice. I was no different from these entrepreneurs. Working in a small team at my current work place I realized that I am already an “Intrapreneur” and most of the strategies that were shared were perfect for my work. We heard these fabulous women talk about their work, their experiences, their failures and their learning and also some interesting anecdotes from their lives.

Here are some of the key takeaways for me.

Entrepreneur or an intrapreneur, we all face challenges

We all face similar struggles. Of course as an entrepreneur your struggles are solely yours. But if you are working in a smaller set-up, you face similar challenges like most start-ups. In my job I face similar challenges, I am sometimes required to take on multiple uncharted territories and I learn everyday.

Passion is the key

One key highlight of each and every sessions was the passion that each of these women brought to their ventures. What drives me at my work is also my passion. Ultimately if you are passionate about something, you find ways to break barriers. Some of the most interesting business ideas that I heard during these sessions where primarily driven by passion, passion to make a difference and passion to make dreams come true.

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Live your values

Take a step back, think of all those ideas that define you, your most cherished values and live them. Time will test your values and but always follow your heart. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, there will be testing times, but if you follow what your heart says and stick to you values, chances are that you will do well. Success will eventually follow.

Never give up

The most important question that everyone in the audience had was about that one mantra to being a successful entrepreneur. The only answer that echoed across the board was to never give up. It’s a very strong mantra to live by. In the space that I work in, it is very easy to feel defeated and that is when this mantra matters the most – the never give up attitude.

Breaking barriers 4

Entrepreneurs listening intently to the discussions

Overall the day delivered some very interesting ideas and messages that any of us could put to use in our day to day working. To sum it all, I came home absolutely inspired. Women need to break barriers and women need to help each other do that. I appreciate the work Women’s Web is doing connecting women, empowering women. More power to you guys!

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