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Rohini Sen

Mommy to a little Miss Sunshine. I write for myself, most of my rants being about parenting. I believe its one of the toughest jobs. I have some strong views on motherhood, parenting, gender biases at workplace etc etc. Does that make me a feminist, don't know. No labels attached

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These Do’s And Don’ts Are Essential When Working With The Millennial Woman

As organisations become more diverse and employ more women, all managers, whether male or female need to know these to work with the millennial woman.

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My Personal Journey Of Finding My Faith In God, As A Woman And The Mother Of A Daughter

Faith in god is such a personal thing. Social restrictions abound, but today's educated woman can certainly decide what she would want to believe in.

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Watching Pink Led Me To Relive These Unwanted Encounters Of The Sexual Kind

Painful memories and incidents of harassment of the past, popped up in this author's mind after watching the movie 'Pink'.

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I Am A Closet Feminist Most Of The Time, But Sometimes Battles Need To Be Picked!

Can feminist Indian women be open about their beliefs? Or is being a closet feminist better and easier? How does society judge them?

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Why This ‘Intrapreneur’ Enjoyed Breaking Barriers With Entrepreneurs

Women's Web brings you many events that are all about Breaking Barriers. Here is an account of one 'intrepreneur' who enjoyed attending #BreakingBarriers in Bangalore.

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Will You Tell Your Child That Life Can Be Unfair Too?

There will come a time in your child's life when it is important to present a balanced world view to them - the good, the bad, and the ugly. So, how do you teach them that life can be unfair too?

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