My Father Is A Bad Man, He Beats My Mom: Writes A Young Girl, In Her School Essay

Posted: February 8, 2016

In a school essay, a girl writes the most heartbreaking essay about her family. What she writes shows the adverse effect of domestic violence on children. 

In an English class of a very posh school, in Salt Lake, Kolkata, a teacher asked the students to write an essay on, ‘My Family.’

When the teacher took the copies for correction, she found something very heartbreaking. One girl wrote this.

“My father is a bad man, he hits my mom. Every night my mother holds unto me and cries a lot. I also cry a lot. No one listens to us. My uncles have also turned a deaf ear to us. If I ever go and try to talk to my father, he hits me too. This is ‘My Family.’

The essay does not end there. “When I will grow up, I will take my mother far away from my dad,” the girl wrote.

This essay stunned the teacher, who went on to talk to the principal, who directed the girl to the school counselor. Not only this, after the counseling session, the parents were directed to stay separately, until the father mends his ways.

From her letter, it can be seen the agony children face when they come from abusive families. It also shows that domestic abuse is a part of every economic and social strata, as this girl comes from a well-off economic background, attending a posh school. It is not that, only families of lower social and economic standing go through this, which is a common perception.

The school also said that, most of the time, this girl would stay silent and speak only when spoken to. Finding no place to share her feelings, she sat down in the class to emote what she felt in a piece of paper. In any form of violence, children are the most vulnerable sufferers.

We seriously need to think twice before doing anything, when we have children around.

This letter was first published in Bengali, here

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