When Ekta Kapoor Talked About Feminism, We Almost Lost Our Cool: Kya Kool Hain Hum 3

Recently in a news report Ekta Kapoor used the word Feminism. This is why she got it all wrong and drew flakes from every corner.

Recently in a news report Ekta Kapoor used the word Feminism. This is why she got it all wrong and drew flak from every corner.

The trailers of ‘Kyaa Kool Hai Hum 3,’ have already been drawing a lot of flak for its sexual content. Going by the trailers, it can be passed off as soft-porn. But, a day before may be as a part of the PR exercise, a story was published in The Bombay Times, in which the word feminism was flaunted for all wrong reasons. The report said,

“Women empowerment is rearing its head and how. Feisty film producer Ekta Kapoor is spearheading this movement. A naughty track from her porn-com ‘Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3’, which releases on January 22, is being noticed for its titillating lyrics. The song, featuring Mandana Karimi with Tusshar and Aftab Shivdasani, has the Iranian beauty lip syncing to ‘Oh boy you are my soft toy’. But the original lyrics were ‘Oh boy I am your soft toy’. When Ekta heard the song, she told music composers Sajid-Wajid that she loved it but felt the need for one change. Instead of the girl taking a weaker position, Ekta suggested that she should get the upper hand. So, the lyrics were changed accordingly; the song was re-recorded and then shot.”

The song, in question, was released later in the day. Here is the video:

Ofcourse this drew a lot of flakes from all corners, because the word feminism is so misplaced and so wrongly used. The song objectifies the actresses from all possible angles. Did Feminism ever promote objectification of women? Wasn’t it the very thing Feminism, fighting against? Also, at no point Feminism, has talked about objectification of men. If the lyrics are changed to “Boy you are my soft toy,” it makes a man just a toy, the way Patriarchy makes a woman. Feminism, if Ekta Kapoor tries to ever understand, is equality of both the sexes. Feminism means no- stereotyping. It means equal chance and opportunity to both the sexes. It by no means, calling a man ‘soft toy.’

No, Ekta Kapoor, calling a boy, ‘soft toy’ does not empower any woman. It is derogating a man. And no, Feminism does not teach that. You got it wrong, just like your serials, where every woman’s identity is dependent on the man she married, gave birth to or the man who is her parent.

Even now, you got it wrong. All wrong!

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