Love Is Beautiful: A Few More Lessons Learnt In Love

Paromita Bardoloi shares a few more lessons learnt in love. She realizes that love is always beautiful.

Paromita Bardoloi shares a few more lessons learnt in love. She realizes that love is always beautiful.

Love is such a beautiful feeling. It makes our hearts sing and as a friend once told me, “It felt as if hundred violins played around.” I have felt it. And never had life looked as beautiful, when touched by love. I can vouch that even those who are hardened criminal, must have had their molten moments when in love.

I have seen, body languages change, voices trail and eyes flicker when in love. What a beautiful feeling. Nothing compares to it. It feels straight out of a Yash Chopra movie set. I still remember that first feeling of being in love. It was a December winter night and I was a hosteler. As if the biting cold did not matter, all that mattered was that I was in love. I would run to the Internet Café straight at 9 am to check my mails. There was only one café that opened at 9 am, at that time. And my day would go deciphering every word of his email. That’s love for sure.

But then life moves on. People change, we do and we make different choices. I learnt that love can come to us more than one time, no matter how much we cry and shun love the first time. And the quirky thing is that its different each time, but still beautiful. There was not one time, when love was not beautiful, or a “I love you,” did not make me glow. Such is the power of love.

But as you grow and become a person of your own, you realize that, no matter what the fairy tales tell us of happily ever after- love is not perfect. It like everything else in life comes with quirkiness and each time it teaches us something better and beautiful. Each time, love touches you, you become a newer shade. May be that’s why we still write love songs and hum them, in the belief that it will come to us.

Love taught me, that love can be perfect, but the human being we are in love with is not. And most importantly, neither I am perfect. Love is a journey of two imperfect individuals making a whole journey. It’s not like what they show in movies. You cannot like every thing about your partner. And the vice-versa. Love is also tolerance and forgiveness of what you cannot accept. It makes you a more tolerant and wiser human being. If you are truly in love, it opens your heart to a broader horizon. You don’t love a person because of everything he/she has. You do,  inspite of everything. When you truly love someone with a pot-belly or receding hairline or the things you don’t like, you are truly in love. That’s the quirky trick of love. You don’t love a person because he is perfect for you, because his/her quirkiness is perfect for you.

Your partner might snore, might be disorganized or might be opposite of who you are, yet when both decide to love and walk together with all that comes in, that’s truly is love. That is when your relationship ripens; you become better together and fall in love more. The thing is that, you never know, how much more, you can fall in love. You keep falling more and more. That’s the magic or the quirky trait of love.

Love will also be a teacher. Even the relationships that might not have worked, will teach you life lessons, that will make you better and wiser for the next. Love taught me, never to mourn for the loss of someone, because not everyone walks to the finishing line, some just comes to make us better, so that the next time, we can experience love in a more wholesome way. Though a clichés, yet it stands true- No one ever loses in love. I never need. I just became better and better. Even in loss, you win. That’s the quirkiness of love.

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Love is a long journey with an imperfect person, which is worth making. There is nothing more beautiful than watching the Sun rise and set with someone you love and someone who loves you, back. In love no one knows, how deeply you can fall for the other person, how long journeys you can make, it is unpredictable, and definitely quirky. But we long and desire for that quirkiness, for that’s what makes us feel immortal for some time, in this every fragility of life.

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