India’s First Transgender Modelling Agency To Be Launched Soon: A Brave Step By Mitr Trust

India's first transgender modelling agency is to be launched soon, which is a very brave step by Mitr Trust. You too can help them in this venture.

India’s first transgender modelling agency is to be launched soon, which is  a very brave step by Mitr Trust. You too can help them in this venture.

Did you know, that murder and rape rates are much higher in the transgender community than the ordinary community? 69 years past independence, we still have not given an equal footing to the transgender community of India. It is only recently that, they too have been given the same rights as anyone else. Society often labels them as Hijra and the job they are left with is either as a beggar or as a sex worker.

But as Rudrani Chetri , a TG (Transgender) activist and head of Mitr trust states, “ We are neither male or female. We are the third gender. We are beautiful.”

Beauty does not need to be just a man or a woman, it can be a transgender too. In our everyday life, we do not see people from the TG community in the public space. We don’t see even TG children in schools and colleges. Just by labeling them as the other, we often deny them of their basic rights as a human being, which is every human being’s right, by birth.

To create more awareness about the TG community in the public space, Mitr trust is launching the first TG modeling agency in India, with renowned fashion photographer Rishi Raj. Morale in the community is low. It’s not easy for a person in the TG community to just venture out in the ordinary walks of life, for no matter how good they are, people around don’t treat them right.

This step by Mitr, will make the people of the TG community more visible in the public space. Last year there was a 22% cut in AIDS fund. It is suspected that there is again a rise in AIDS due to lack of condoms.

With this modeling agency, Mitr is will choose five models and create postcards out of them. These postcards will have information about the TG community and the discrimination that they face to create awareness.

But for this venture funding is needed, which is extremely low. Mitr needs around Rs 490,400 to set up this project. If you want to know more about it you can donate here.

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This step by Mitr Trust is  a brave step towards an equal world. Its high time, we stand for the TG community which has always been discriminated in the public space. More power to them.

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