No Third Child After 2 Daughters And Dowry Should Be Re. 1: Khap Panchayat, Haryana

The Haryana Khap Panchayat has come with the ruling of not having a third child after 2 daughters and limiting the dowry to Re. 1.

The Haryana Khap Panchayat has come with the ruling of not having a third child after 2 daughters and limiting the dowry to Re. 1.

Not every day we have such great news, especially from the Khap Panchayat. In the past, the Khaps have been notorious of blaming noodles for rape, banning jeans for girls and so on. But this time, the Khap Panchayat of Haryana came up with 4 decisions that deserve a standing ovation. The decisions are extremely pro-women. Yes, you heard it right. Here is what they said.

The Panchayat has issued orders not to have the third child, after the first two are daughters

In Haryana, where the sex ratio of male to female is 1000:883, this is a welcome step. With this step people will be encouraged, not to keep having children, just to have a male child. Though a small step but a wonderful initiative towards equality.

It has also laid the rule that dowry should be Re. 1

In a state where dowry is still so dominant, this looks like a relief to many parents. Just to marry one’s daughter and meet dowry demands parents have to incur debts and sell properties, which also indirectly leads to the mentality of not wanting daughters.

This step, is surely going to help many parents breathe easy, and in the longer run, invest on the daughter’s education, rather than saving up for her dowry

It has also issued an order that the people accompanying the bridegroom should not exceed 21 people

The bride’s family has to spend a lot while welcoming the groom, because there are always too many people accompanying. Most of the time, exceeding hundreds of people. But with this order, the bride side won’t be spending so much just to welcome the groom. In many cases, the parents go through huge debts on weddings.

When someone dies in a family, the mourning period is reduced from 13 to 7 days

It has also issued a decree that the mourning period after the death of someone in the family be reduced from 13 days to 7 days. Also, it was decided that decided to end the old practice of not having wheat flour, pulses and ghee (clarified butter) during the mourning period.

Now, after these decisions were made, it seems that the Khaps, who were known for their mostly patriarchal mindset are turning into a new leaf. In all these decisions, it’s only women who are going to gain the most. This is the first time, we can applaud for the Khap Panchayat and all for the right reasons.

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