She Can’t Feel Her Legs, Yet She Decides To Run And She Wins: The Story Of Kayla [Video]

Posted: December 28, 2015

Kayla is a teenage girl, who loved playing soccer, until one day, she could not feel her legs anymore and then she decides to run. Watch her awe inspiring story here.

She says, “I want to run as long as I can.” She is a runner and finished first in her high school race. And she is still running. But this is not the story of any other girl, who loves to run. This is the extraordinary story of a girl, who cannot feel her legs once her body temperature rises.

Meet Kayla, an ordinary girl, who loved to play soccer and by her own admission an ordinary soccer player. But then a Medical condition hit, that would make many accept defeat. But not Kayla, and her coach, who believed in her.

Watch this inspiring video of Kayla, who collapses each time, she run, but she runs to victory.

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