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Boyfriends On Rent: Japan’s Booming Business [Video]

Posted: October 5, 2015

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In Japan, renting boyfriends by rich working women for an evening is a booming business.

In a world where we have seen women being rented by men for pleasure, the women of Japan seems to be reversing the trend.

In Japan, there are what are called the Host Bars, where rich and educated women come to meet guys, who entertain them for the evening. They converse over food and drink. It is a platonic relationship that they share over an evening. The owner of such a bar says that men are groomed for two years to fit in as a host.

In this video, you will meet the hosts as well as the customers.

In hindsight, it also makes one wonder, how as human beings we have become lonely, so much so that just to have a platonic relationship for an evening, someone has to rent another human being.

With so much technology to connect us, it’s somewhat heart breaking to see, if this is where we are headed.

Watch this video here.

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