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Prostitution In The Name Of God: The Devadasis of India [Video]

Posted: October 4, 2015
The Devadasis of India are reduced to sex workers, in the name of God, to combat poverty. A profession that has to end.
In India where everything is in contrast, religion and prostitution are geared together in the name of the Devadasi tradition of India.
Girls as young as 10 are given away to temples in the name of God, which in bitter reality makes little girls prostitutes and parents as pimps. As, one of the Devadasi says that if she goes to school, her family will go hungry.
In olden times, the Devadasis were temple dancers, who had a high place in the society. However, as time passed by, they were reduced to street hookers, with the fear of AIDs and other STDs.
In this video, you will meet young girls, sold to landlords as Devadasis to old Devadasis who are scurrying for two meals a day.
As, an old Devadasi say, “It has to end with us.”
Watch the video here.

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