The Curious Case Of Ameesha Patel And Her Girly Problems

Recently, Amisha Patel was in the news after her twitter war with Kushal Tandon, who alleged that she did not stand up during the national anthem.

Recently, Amisha Patel was in the news after her twitter war with Kushal Tandon, who alleged that she did not stand up during the national anthem. Her reply was appalling.

I almost forgot about Ameesha Patel, until Twitter started trending with her and Kushal Tandon two days ago. For those who don’t know, Kushal Tandon tweeted that Ameesha Patel did not stand during the national anthem which was played before a movie in a theatre in Mumbai. Also, if you are not sure who Kushal Tandon is, let me remind you, he was in Big Boss last year. Yes, the same guy who dated Gauhar Khan after the show.

The thing is that legally no one can ask you to stand up during the national anthem; it is a citizen’s choice. But we tend to stand as a mark of respect. Kushal Tandon also said that she was fiddling with her phone as the national anthem was being played. Here the problem is not what Kushal said or her respect/disrespect for the national anthem; it is the way, she answered back.

After “Kaho Na Pyar Hai,” and “Gadar,” it has been fifteen years and Ameesha Patel has hardly anything to be in the news, until this Twitter war. This is what she replied.

“Women we all need to slap kushal. I had the monthly girly problem. Getting up wud have caused a blood flow on the theatre ground”

Even if we believe she had her periods, as she says, by calling it a ‘girly problem,’ she happily reinforces the taboos that so many Feminist and other activists are trying to break away from when it comes to menstruation/sex and health.

Ameesha Patel has problems using the word menstruation or periods and makes it a girly problem, which needs to be hidden and not to be discussed. So, men should be alienated from it. This alienation itself has caused enough taboos that have led to so much of gender violence that we do not need more reinforcement of it. Also, Miss Patel is a gold medal in Economics from Tuffs University. That also means that sometimes education also does not take us a long way.

She also tweets next-

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“Men like him who have forced a woman 2 speak about her intimate girly problems are jerks .. He is a shame to society”

So, according to Miss Patel, she was forced to talk about her ‘girly problem,’ which in itself means that it is something embarrassing and shameful, to have your monthly periods. If Miss Patel had studied biology, she would know, it is a common bodily function, and nothing to be ashamed of. Also, we should remember that the shame and embarrassment attached to something as ordinary as menstruation has led to many health hazards for women, because many women do not talk about it openly and use plastic, jute or even rags during menstruation. It’s a pity that women are not even properly educated to take care of a simple bodily function. There have also been cases where a woman had of a septic infection after using a blouse as menstrual pad, because its hook was rusty.

Also, how does calling all women to slap Kushal Tandon help?

Also, how does calling all women to slap Kushal Tandon help? It seems she is trying to use the gender card, where she is being attacked by a man for her gender and she needs help to get away with it. No, Miss Patel, you got it all wrong. Mr. Kushal had not forced anything on you that led to the disrespect of the female gender. Also she tweets

“Obviously Kushal had no mothers n sisters or any steady girlfriend so he doesn’t know when to open his durty mouth n respect girly intimacy”

Mr Kushal asked only why you were not standing up, how does his mother or sister or girlfriend comes into the picture? By the way, by calling out to his mother, sisters or girlfriend are you not disrespecting them?

Also, she says that Mr. Kushal invaded her privacy. I still wonder how? Did he chase her down and put her photos up?

The thing here is not to justify Kushal. Did he do this for publicity? Does he respect women? Is he a feminist? Honestly no one really knows his motives. But all we know is that he tweeted how she did not stand up for the national anthem. The way she retorted was appalling. The way she played the gender card only reinforced patriarchy, which so many are fighting each day.

No, Miss Patel, you need not act as an abla woman, who can’t give a straight reply.

No, Miss Patel, you need not act as an abla woman, who can’t give a straight reply. There was no violation or you being humiliated because of your gender. Also, you can use the word period or menstruation. There is nothing to be hidden or ashamed of it.

True, you might not have a huge fan base, but there is always someone listening and making wrong notes. In Twitter you have 1.5 million followers. So, a little grace and responsibility is all we expect. In India, gender violence has led to many tragic incidents as it is a very sensitive issue, and using the gender card for a non-matter only tells this Patriarchal Society, that girls are weak, they always need to use a ‘being a woman’ card to get away with anything.

Please understand, what you did, helped no one. Yes, Mr. Kushal might just walk away with some publicity, and for we all know, he needs it!

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