Beauty Tips From An Acid Attack Survivor [Videos]

Posted: September 16, 2015

These beauty tips from an acid attack survivor will make you question why acid is so easily available. It’s time to stop this availability. Do sign the petition.

In India, where patriarchy has thrived and rooted itself firmly, the body of a woman has always been used as a power play. From Draupadi to Reshma, the rules of the game have not changed. In a country that tried to disrobe Draupadi, someone threw acid on Reshma, an 18-year-old girl from Mumbai, which disfigured her face. In India, it is seen that for the last two years, there has been a rise in acid attacks. The statistics show that there is an acid attack on a woman almost every day.

Mostly to avenge a woman, acid attacks are used as a resort. Have we wondered what happens to the survivor after the attack? The scars are not only physical but mental too. It takes years for wounds to heal.

So, what can we do to stop these attacks? Here is a way. Acid is so easily available everywhere. Just at Rs. 30, anyone can buy a bottle of acid and attack someone. The solution is to stop this easy availability of acid all over. You can sign this petition to ask the government to stop the sale of acid.

Watch these videos, where Reshma, an acid attack survivor gives us a few beauty tips. These are one of the most important tips you will learn that will impact many other Reshmas.




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