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[Video] She Is Not ‘Down’, She Has Her Periods: Radhika Vaz

Posted: August 4, 2015

Radhika Vaz, noted standup comedian has something wonderfully funny to say about the taboos on women and menstruation. Watch this video!

We Indians have shame hidden in many places; especially when it comes to women’s bodies. It’s funny the way, we have shame attached to even the common biological process of going through our periods or menstruation We would do anything to hide it, like talking about it in whispers or carrying our sanitary pads in those black polyethene bags.

We will almost die of embarrassment at using the word ‘Periods‘. We would rather say, “I am down.” Like, really? Radhika Vaz, the noted standup comedian comes up with a very humorous video, on why a woman is not down, she’s just got her periods. She is also super funny on, “If men too got periods.”

Do watch this video and think. Let’s do away with the taboos of menstruations.


Menstrual calender via Shutterstock


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