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When A Woman Loves A Man

Posted: July 22, 2015

When a woman loves a man, she loves it all, from his movies to his moves. In return all she expects is to be treated as an equal.

She watches a movie like Mad Max: Fury Road arm in arm with him at a Multiplex, even though she is sitting on the edge of her seat ready to jump and run out if given just a moment of escape.

She loves the high on adrenaline rush drama, occasionally stealing some glances in between to admire her own heart-throb who is feeling all of that rigor and shaking his head in disbelief at the marvel of the director’s cut, the action sequences and the flying obsolete looking rough vehicles, things which she would have otherwise rejected as preposterous theatrics. But not now, she absolutely revered the adventurous 2-hour ride with her honeybee at her side.

Yeah, it is an obvious guess.. that woman is me! It is not that I am a romcom fan and don’t like action movies. I have a very mature and open mind when it comes to art and movies (except Books for that I am very selective). If you ask me my favourite genre, I can go gaga for fantasy, adventure preferably science fiction stuff. I am a self-proclaimed member of LOTR cult, Hunger games, and all eyes and ears for World War Z kind of movies but my femininity had risen from its deep slumber many times before, screamed at myself for no more entertaining the ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Serendipity’ types and revolted when he would play some mindless action dramas like some of those apna very own Sunny paaji kind Jason Statham’s stylish action thrillers (Sorry guys, I admire the bald actor as taught by my husband, but this is what the truth is ).   

During the first year of marriage, he along with his brother took me to watch ‘Transformers.’

During the first year of marriage, he along with his brother took me to watch ‘Transformers’ believing in my taste for Hollywood flicks as apparent from certain movies I had watched with him before and considering me as one of them, I was made to sit in the middle seat and both of them on my either side completely immersed in the bullshit storyline with me dumbstruck, rolling my eyes and waiting impatiently for the show to get over. What followed when the dhoom dhadaka of some creepy-cars-turning-into-robotic-aliens ended, was an experience that both of them did not forget as even to this day, they watch its sequels only when it gets aired on TV channels.  

As the years of our partnership progressed and as the love and understanding climbed new heights, so was our interests in each other’s sort of movies. In time, we both have started appreciating each other’s likes and dislikes. He made me sit patiently to watch movies like ‘Lock, stock and two smoking Barrels’ where the creative genius of the movie makers only get revealed when you watch it till the end. And I made him understand that movies like ‘The Scent of a woman’ are slow but great commentary about life. However, films like ‘50 shades of grey’ and ‘John Wick’ still becomes an issue between us for belonging to strictly gender specific territory. Sometimes he gives up just in the middle or sometimes, it is me!

But in the 7th year of our togetherness, I have noticed a marked difference in me.

But in the 7th year of our togetherness, I have noticed a marked difference in me. No more it is a matter of my like as I ask my once-upon-a-time-back-to-back movie watcher husband, to just book the tickets for any type of drama whenever he wish. Have I lost my identity  as I am ready to go wherever he wants me to come? Or is it something greater and positive than a woman-identity-crisis?

And when I watch my mother-in-law who is an extremely simplistic lady, enjoying the IPLs with her husband and younger son, I wonder if she would have even cared about the game and it’s never ending tournaments, had both of them were like her elder son, i.e. my husband, who is not a cricket addict (thankfully or else God would have helped me!) Then I look around to observe the other women in my connections who are in love with their men and find them following their passions with equal sometimes even more enthusiasm like a child following his parents. And I can also witness that these are the women who are loved by their men, who are not shown their affection through just words of liking but acts of care and fondness. They are listened to, celebrated and treated as partners.

So dear men, that’s how we are – your equals. Respect us as we are, treat us as we are, let us be who we are, and you will find the purest, the selfless, and the deepest kind of devotion that can exist only – when a woman loves a man!

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