Roohi Bhatnagar

Roohi Bhatnagar is an artist of words, colors and likes to brew & spread happiness with her creations. In her alter ego, she dons the hat of a software professional as a test automation engineer. Her work has been published in "Chicken Soup for Indian Souls" series and her paintings have been exhibited in local exhibitions. You can find her on her blog "Soulful" ( when she is not wandering through the vast arenas of her dream world. She tweets @roohibhatnagar.

Voice of Roohi Bhatnagar

What’s In The Name? Well, Tell Me About It

‘Ram’, I suddenly called my colleague in a group call as I struggled recalling his preferred name. I confess I am poor with remembering names and worse when I am not attentive enough to talk. Its another weakness that keeps me much to myself. I am sure many would relate to my predicaments. But that’s […]

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A New Mom Suffering From Postpartum Depression Can Be Fragile. Please Handle With Care!

My personal experience of suffering from postpartum depression tells me that it can happen to anyone, even a happy person like me. Here's what you can do to help.

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Afraid Of Getting Behind The Wheel? Here Are 9 Tips To Help You Get Over That Fear Of Driving

Driving on our roads, though stressful, need not frighten you away. Here are 9 tips to help you get over that fear of driving, and get behind that wheel.

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Why Cars Should Have Mandatory Child Seats On Them

Are we vigilant enough of road safety for children? Do you even have a child seat in your car? It's high time you do.

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When A Woman Loves A Man

When a woman loves a man, she loves it all, from his movies to his moves. In return all she expects is to be treated as an equal.

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Quitting My Job Post Motherhood : A Few Thoughts And Reasons

In this personal post a mother reasons her decision of quitting job post motherhood.

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What I Actually Learnt While Learning To Drive On Indian Roads

An inspiring account of overcoming the fear of driving; all of us have our fears, big or small - what matters is how we face them.

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God Is Not An External Entity: My Delivery Story

Every mother's personal delivery story is unique. Every mother should have moments, people and emotions that made her believe in the goodness of this world.

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