The A-Z Of Motherhood

Motherhood has never been an easy role, here's the A-Z of motherhood. Every alphabet has an emotion related to a mother. Read on.

Here’s a fun take on the A-Z of motherhood with every alphabet standing for an emotion related to a mother. Read on.

So you thought you knew the ABC’s before you became a mother? Has your perspective of life changed after embracing mommyhood? Here’s the ABC you and every other mom out there must understand now – An Encyclopedia of the Joys, Wonders, and Absurdities of this magical journey called Motherhood.

A is for Absolutely Amazing

That’s what you are! What you have done – growing a whole new human being – is amazing, and you have every right to feel every emotion under the sun.

A is also for anxiety, what every mom feels for her baby. And yes, A is also for Absolutely Perfect, which all moms aspire to be but fall short in their eyes. In this situation, we must remember that No Mom is absolutely perfect but Every Mom is perfect for her baby.

B is for Baby

The baby, who becomes your sole reason for living. B is also for breastfeeding; a journey which all moms undertake wanting to do their best, engorged nipples, leaky breasts, poor latch and all. Some find it easy, some find it tough, some make it happen, and some don’t. It’s not the end of the world nor of the bonding you will have with you baby, regardless of whether you breastfeed or no!

C for Cuddles

Enjoy the precious moments cuddling with your children while they are still willing! C is also for Clueless, which is what most moms feel about their newborns. Don’t you worry; we’re all in the same boat. C is for C-Section, which is not evil, contrary to popular belief. As long as a mother knows that getting the baby out of her body safely; by hook or crook is the most important concern.

D is for Daddy bonding

This is the most amazing sight ever. Often in the joy of becoming new mothers we forget that our significant others have become new fathers as well!

E is for Excitement

One of the many new emotions you feel as a new mom. E is for Endurance, which all mothers need a lot of to get through the baby’s first year! And yes, E is for Endless Visitors, who will all flock down to see you and offer their two bits on how to raise your child!

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F is for firsts, your baby’s and yours

Your baby will turn over for the first time and you will feel like that they have climbed Mount Everest. F is for fear, you will never feel love like when you have a child and it fills you with fear!

G is for Google

A mother’s best friend in this new journey of motherhood to answer all her queries about all topics under the sun even at 3 am when the world is fast asleep! G is for giggles, the best sound a baby makes which makes even the most stone faced person break into a smile.

And yes, G is for guilt. Time to let it go and move on with life!

H is for hormones

Hormones are forever fluctuating! A mother can be a weepy mess one minute and radiating sunshine the next and it’s all because of the hormones!

I is for Insomnia

The bane of every mothers existence. It’s a mother’s constant companion till the time the child moves out of home when he or she turns 18. Maybe even beyond that. It’s here to stay!

J is for Jaundice

90% of all newborns are affected with this upon birth. J is also for jealousy, which every new mom feels for someone who can have a good night’s sleep. And yes, J is for Journey, this awesome one that we are all a part of!

K is for Kisses

Loads and loads and showers of kisses that you get from your child that make you feel like the queen of the world!

L is for Love

So much love that it will make your heart spill over. Unconditional, undeniable, immeasurable – a mother’s love for her child! You will love like you’ve never loved before.

M is for Money

Your life is now a series of never ending expenses. And if you twins, or more, watch out! Spending sensibly is the key to making a success out of your financial situation.

N is for Naps

A mother needs these like nobody’s business. Her body would get burnt out otherwise. N is also for nipping – no more nipping around to anywhere anytime!

O is for Opinions

Everyone has an opinion on what you’re doing ‘oh don’t hold them too much they’ll get used to it’ or ‘let them cry it’s good for them’ ‘and why are you using that brand?’ It’s overwhelming, to say the least.

P is for Poop

A new mother’s obsession – the presence or lack of it. The colour, texture, smell, frequency. Get used to it. And don’t worry if the little terror doesn’t poop for a week. Apparently that’s normal!

Q is for Quality Time

Yes, your relationship with your partner needs quality time but you’ve just had a baby. Every moment is one of great quality. You’ll get loads of time together as your child gets older.

R is for Really Really REALLY HARD

This is what having a baby is like! Everything is different. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way, but it’s just never going to be the same again! Even if someone tells you this, you cannot comprehend how true it is.

S is for swings and swaddles

The importance of both is felt by every new mommy who is trying to get her baby to sleep. I had a traditional Gujarati ghodiya (swing) for both my boys which was a lifesaver in their first year as it was so easy to get them to sleep in it. Especially when they were swaddled!

T is for Tired

The bone numbing kind of tiredness. It does get better, I promise. Just hang in there!

U is for Untidiness

Get used to it. You will be wading through a sea of toys, clothes, books (not 60 though). My living room is an assault course of play mats, rocker chairs, tiny trikes, walkers, etc. How I have not fallen once yet is a miracle.

V is for Vomit

Babies are expert in perfect projectile vomiting at their will, so watch out. Any home renovations are best put off till your kid is at least two!

W is for Wide Eyed

All the time. No one can prepare you for motherhood. No one can tell you how in awe you will be of this perfect being whom you created. Wonders of Womanhood!

X is for virtual kisses-xxx!

Watch and count how many of these are put as comments when you upload a picture of your baby and count your blessings at the virtual love your kids are receiving!

Y is for Your Own Need

You mommy, need to take care of yourself amidst all the commotion so that you remain strong and healthy enough to care for your kids. Drink, Eat and Rest well to feel fine at all times.

Z is for ZZZZZZZ’S

You will know a level of sleep deprivation that you could not possibly imagine – the words “sleep deprived” will take on a whole new meaning, and your life will be coloured by them for a significant amount of time.

Does your ABC of motherhood match mine? I’d love to know!

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