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Prenatal Fitness 360°: The Way To A Healthy Pregnancy [Book Review]

Posted: June 2, 2015

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Prenatal Fitness 360°: The Way to a Healthy Pregnancy by Sonali Shivlani is an informative, well put together book for expecting mothers.

You become a mother right from the time you come to know that you have conceived. Those two tiny pink lines in your home pregnancy kit make you aware that a life is born inside you and it’s just a matter of a few more months before you hold your little bundle of joy!

That’s when Sonali Shivlani’s Prenatal Fitness 360°: The Way to a Healthy Pregnancy comes in handy – it is a valuable resource for any mom-to-be keen on learning more about a healthy pregnancy while advancing in this life-changing direction called motherhood! Sonali is an internationally certified childbirth educator who believes that pregnancy and birth are special phases in a woman’s life and so, with the right kind of support, every woman can have her desired pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience.

Prenatal Fitness 360°: The Way to a Healthy Pregnancy will help you create your own exercise and nutrition plan right from preconception, to during and after delivery. This book gives its readers five sections including diet plans, nutrition charts, prenatal exercise regimen, postnatal weight loss diet and exercises, and breathing techniques. The idea behind this book is to give you a 360 degree (well-rounded) approach.

As a reader, I felt that no other book has given as much importance to proper nutrition, exercise and relaxation. Complete with sketches (or diagrams) and written in very simple language with attention to details, this book points out the positive influence of fitness and nutrition on your baby’s life, provided they are practiced as life skills. Having said that, I would also like to point out that no matter how desperate you are to get back your flat tummy after your delivery, you should choose the exercise that best suits you and not hurry. For example, as a reader, I felt that exercises like Biceps with Baby and Buttocks’ Workout With Baby should be an absolute no-no for a new mom and her new born (I would never do that if I were a new mom!) The book should not have mentioned about such exercises but then again, it’s your choice, really.

Other than this single aspect, reading Prenatal Fitness 360°: The Way to a Healthy Pregnancy was a lovely experience for me. It brought back some very special memories from the recent past – when I was pregnant in 2013. I could relate very well to some of the sections of this book that requires a special mention. To start with, the Psychological Wellbeing section emphasizes on eating just right rather than eating for two. The chapter on Emotional Fitness is a great read for all the moms-to-be who want a happy pregnancy. The relaxation ideas mentioned in this book are worth a try for all the pregnant ladies, new moms, or moms of toddlers.

Overall, the book is informative and interactive. It can be yet another reason for you to love yourself all the more during the most crucial phase of your life, so that you connect well with your baby, pamper yourself, and stay fit too.

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