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17 Signs To Know, “Girl, You Are A Woman”

Posted: June 28, 2015

Here are 17 sure-shot signs to know that you are a young adult and no more the kid next door!

I was a teenager about two years ago. Being a young adult is slightly different, because of the way you’re seen as a young woman. You may believe that you’re still a girl, but the world sees you differently.

These are the various changes I noticed, while I still believed that I was a girl.

  • When the shopkeeper addresses you as ‘Madam’, and not ‘Little lady’ or ‘Kiddo’.
  • When people start asking you if you’re ready for marriage.
  • When you find a pile of wedding invitations in your mail box from your classmates.
  • When your relatives insist that you wear sarees instead of churidars, since it will bring out your feminine charm.
  • When your father/mother receives requests for your hand in marriage.
  • When your Mom’s friends ask you when you’re getting married.
  • When you relatives ask you if you have a steady boyfriend.
  • When people ask you where you’re working and your salary package.
  • When people probe you about your occupational objectives.
  • When people ask you if you can cook well.
  • When little kids start addressing you as ‘Aunty’ and not ‘Didi’.
  • When old people ask you about adult stuff which you don’t know yet.
  • When the elderly ask you when you plan to have kids.
  • When the elderly ‘subtly’ mention about their amazing, single, engineer of a grandson in a normal conversation.
  • When random people start explaining the importance of marriage to you.
  • When people start advising you on how many kids to have.
  • When older relatives involve you in their conversation.

After I graduated from college, between the ages of 20 to 21, I have had strange conversations about the above topics, and I realised, I am no longer a girl. People don’t view me as a girl anymore, but a woman ready to tie the knot. Nobody wanted to know if I wanted to study further, or whether I have something else in mind. I feel like I entered the market and I’m fresh for sale. I felt like I was 1000 years old and not 21. I was uncomfortable with many conversations, and tried to avoid them.

Many times, I wanted to tell people to mind their own business, but decided against it, since I found comical ways to evade such conversations.

I have realised something though. I’m not a kid anymore, and being an adult is a lot harder than it looks.

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