3 Ideas To Unleash Your Creativity Through Smartphones (With #MyASUSZenfone)

Smartphone usage need not be just aimless browsing or Facebooking. Here are ways to unleash your creativity using technology.

Smartphone usage need not be just aimless browsing or Facebooking. Here are ways to unleash your creativity using technology.

The world has become smaller, people are connected, and we’ve become more mobile than ever before through the rapid advances of technology. At times it is difficult to fathom how technology has entered every part of our lives.

These multi-purpose gadgets are miracles in themselves as we use them to listen to music, read the most amazing e-books through our kindle reading app, click a selfie, frame it and share it with the world for our own ‘celebrity’ moments, become child-like by playing games, update our current status on Facebook or Twitter, share our opinions on the latest social issues and simplify our lives using the task managing features on our Smartphones.

But, besides being our constant companions, can we also use our smartphones to unleash our creativity? Using the tools on the Asus Zenfone model that I trialed for this post, I set out to unleash my creative ideas with the help of Zenfone tools!

Here are some of the ideas I experimented with, and plan to do more of. Try some of them out to get more from your phone.

Go Video!

With applications like Youtube now available on Smartphones, we can shoot and upload videos dealing with our creative work and share it with the world. Youtube is also a fabulous tool to grow your business. Bloggers too can go beyond writing articles, and also create videos based on those articles. As Video is one of the fastest growing modes of content, this will help them to be found more often on search engines, thus creating more fans and helping in the growth of their business. Many fashion bloggers and travel bloggers use vlogging (blogging via video) to share their content. All this can be done using the Zenfone as a tool.

Create a portfolio

The Instagram app on Smartphones is a great tool to transform your photos and videos into beautiful pieces of art through custom designed filters. Photographers, fashion bloggers and travel bloggers make use of this app to unleash their creativity, and use their imagination in the best way possible to use their blogs as a creative portfolio.

Movie Studio on the Asus Zenfone 5

Speaking about creativity, I came across another great widget on the Asus Zenfone 5 that appealed a lot to me. It’s called the Movie Studio. Through this app I could create a project name, and under that project name I could record videos in order to make a movie. It has advanced video editing effects and music can be inserted too. After the movie is completed, it can be shared using youtube, email, google plus and many other social platforms. We can import images, take pictures, import video clips, and save it under a specific project name.  This is an amazing way to use your creativity and share it with the world.

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(You can also record personal videos like weddings, birthdays or a fun-filled outing and share it with family and friends. It’s a fun and easy way to create videos. Adding background music and plenty of video effects makes the videos interesting. Photos can be uploaded and edited too.)

Beyond connecting with friends and family, smartphones host a variety of features that we can use to give vent to our creativity. With a little exploration, you’ll find that these tools, widgets, and apps that simplify our lives and make them more interesting!

This post is supported by Asus ZenFone.

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