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So What If I Am A Woman? Let Me Be Me

Posted: October 7, 2014

I am an individual – with highs, lows, and a thousand paradoxes – not just a daughter, mother, sister or wife. So what if I am a woman? Let me be me, says this poem.

Let me spread my wings and fly,

High, high up in the blue sky.

Let me laugh till tears roll down,

Let me cry till my eyes go dry.

Let me dive deep in the sea,

Sometimes I want to be with me.

Let me inhale some fresh, crisp air,

Dance, sing, and live my share.

Let me splash some water from puddles,

For this age is not a hurdle.

Let me explore the woods and valleys,

To test my boldness and my bravery.

Let me toss and turn like the surf on a wave,

Please don’t judge me, as I can be naive.

Let me chase the powerful wind,

I just want to leave my fear behind.

Let me paint myself with a rainbow,

Violet, Indigo, Blue, Red, Green, Orange and Yellow.

Please try to remember that

‘Pink’ is not my only colour.

I may go wrong or right,

Nobody in this world is perfect.

Don’t tag me weak and pale,

I have every right to rise and fail.

I loathe being judged,

I want to be unscathed.

Let me live my only life,

I know I am a daughter, mother, sister and a wife!

Only thing I want,  is sometimes

Let me be me.

 Pic credit: Paingouin (Used under a CC license)

I have always loved writing and strongly believe that writing can create social awareness . I

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  1. Mayuri Kulkarni -

    Beautifully captured the emotions of every other women out in the world. There are so many guidelines laid for women, that it gets difficult to even breathe. But you have very well captured all these and written it in a way, that it would make women and especially men, understand women and not judge them on the basis of societal pressure.
    Good Luck! Keep writing, Keep Inspiring! 🙂

  2. I could actually feel your poem. I want to live the same way! I really loved it. As always your writings inspires me a lot! Actually, You are my inspiration! Keep posting!

    • Thanks Jyoti for this lovely comment. The purpose of writing is to inspire and it is very important to think about ‘ourself’. I guess every woman would want to live like this…free, unjudjed and happy!

  3. Touching,keep it up cograts.

  4. great..

  5. Vaibhav Bhadane -

    I never knew you were such as good writer… May be my mom this the same as your poem…

    • Thanks Vaibhav. All I can say is I am evolving. And yes every woman has a life for her own, which she forgets on playing different roles. Yo can make your Mum realise this..:-)

  6. Zabardast…..wonderful…

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