Choose Your War – Why The Useless Religious Fanaticism?

Why are we indulging in useless religious fanaticism instead of actually making a difference? Shouldn't we choose our battles more wisely?

Why are we indulging in useless religious fanaticism instead of actually making a difference? Shouldn’t we choose our battles more wisely?

For the past few months India has been constantly facing complex issues like intolerance, patriotism, nationalism, freedom, etc. At times I wonder, are we yet prepared to be a part of a democratic republic? People are caught between leftist and rightists; neutralists like me do not fit the bill.

The world and human history in past centuries has witnessed contradictions in the form of some most heinous crimes and major useful inventions; one against humanity and the other in favour of it. The recent attacks in Paris and Brussels indicate that not only India but the rest of the world is facing against terrorism.

Currently as a nation, India is debating over Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Internationally, Brussels has being attacked. No country other than India can fathom the vandalized psyche of its countrymen of all faiths. Does terror have faith and religion? Only when you logically and assertively want to answer ‘NO’, one is constantly reminded of the terror attacks carried by our neighbours and certain radical groups and the constant threat on our nation over the past many years.

A war against humanity is insane and unacceptable in the name of religion. We all are well aware that the only constant is change – that change and reform beckons our religious faiths and belief. To reiterate it, the main purpose of religion was inculcating discipline and guiding the mankind towards a way of life. But unfortunately extremism and fanaticism is at peak. A religion needs reform if it is advocating fanaticism and fascism.

I strongly condemn the slogans of Bharat tere tukde honge. Would you say the same for your mother / amma /ammi /maa /mata? Judging a particular faith as patriots on the basis of a slogan is malevolent, their loyalty cannot and should not be questioned on slogans – Bharat Ammi ki Jai or Jai Hind or Bharat Mata ki Jai or Hindustan Jindabad, they all mean good for the nation.

My religious belief as a Hindu is intact and secure even when I utter Inshallah or Subhanalla; my list of favourite songs is incomplete without two melodious Hindi songs Shukran Allah and Piya Haaji Ali. Hence it was completely unfathomable to me reading about Yoga and Om threatening a certain religion. 

Being caught up in this chaos, we have forgotten to appreciate our freedom and value our liberty, which being a democracy has given us. Suddenly there are two sects; nationalists and patriots but it is important that both contribute to the progress and wellness of IndiaBharatHindustan. We have the freedom and liberty to choose our battles and to decide whom to support.

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In short the ball is in our court, so let us all use our freedom and liberty courteously.

Image source: group of people waving Indian flags by Shutterstock.


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