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I have always loved writing and strongly believe that writing can create social awareness . I love writing blogs and want to write a novel someday. I also feel strongly about woman and her social emancipation and take pride in being a woman with a strong belief that it has always added to my personality and will continue to do so. A mother to a daughter, wife, daughter, sister and a full time science researcher, playing every role with a positive attitude is the key to happiness.

Voice of Trupti Sharma

5 Great Ways To Feel Better, In Spite Of Having PCOS

Dealing with PCOS can be an overwhelming task but these steps do help to make you feel better. 

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Tampons Lead To Loss Of Virginity! And Other Myths About Tampons Busted

There are many myths about tampons that scare new users, especially younger users. What are these myths, and can we bust them?

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The Joy Of Reading With Your Child

Reading with your child can be a very rewarding thing - stoking the imagination, the fun of discovering new worlds, and most of all, bonding with your child.

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Choose Your War – Why The Useless Religious Fanaticism?

Why are we indulging in useless religious fanaticism instead of actually making a difference? Shouldn't we choose our battles more wisely?

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Gulmohar In The Rain [Short Story]

'Gulmohar in the Rain' is a short story about unrequited love and hope.

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Life In The Red Light Areas: Thinking Of Many Umraos

Life in the red light areas is so much different than the everyday life of a woman. But its time, we stop judging them, for we do not know their everyday struggles.

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The Lady With The Glass Eye: Inspiration Is All Around Us

This is a real life incident that inspired me and I thought to myself, why not share this story? Maybe it would inspire someone else, somewhere.

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Are You An East, West, North, South Or Central Indian? And Does It Matter?

We are quick to categorise Indians we meet and label them based on the state they belong to. Is this necessary?

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Promises Are To Be Kept: A Story Of A Mother Travelling Alone

Promises are to be kept. This is a daughter's heart-touching account of her mother facing her demons and travelling alone to keep a promise.

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The Women In NH10: Different Shades Of Feminism

The women in NH10 are a mirror to women in a changing Indian culture, and make it a memorable movie.

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The Three Rs of Raising Eco-Friendly Kids

Teaching kids about the environment is as urgent as it is important. Lessons about conservation and the three Rs of being eco-friendly must start at home, says this post.

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So What If I Am A Woman? Let Me Be Me

I am an individual - with highs, lows, and a thousand paradoxes- not just a daughter, mother, sister or wife. So what if I am a woman? Let me be me, says this poem.

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My Tips To Rejoining Work After Maternity Leave

Rejoining work after maternity leave? This working mother's honest narrative will give you some useful tips to ease back into work.

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Why I Don’t Want To Be A Yummy Mummy

When famous women become mothers, they are neatly classified as 'yummy mummies' or otherwise. What does this mean for the mother who is not a celebrity?

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Support mothers on mothers day
Born Again As A Mother

What does it mean to be a mother? Becoming a mother is a process of finding your own strengths, says this deeply personal account.

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Good Touch, Bad Touch: Why Prepare Your Child To Face The World

The recent sexual assault on a 6 year old child in Bangalore raises again the need for the Good Touch, Bad Touch talk.

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