Love Your Leisure: Photography

Interview with Photography Enthusiast, Kiran Srivastava of Shutterbox.

The Women’s Web ‘Love Your Leisure’ series will consist of interviews with a few female bloggers with fascinating hobbies, who’ve enthusiastically developed and fine-tuned them – and what’s more, write about them for the benefit of the rest of us! We hope you enjoy reading more about these bloggers and their passions. Presented in a Q&A format, this one is with Photography Enthusiast, Kiran Srivastava, who talks through her photos at Shutterbox.

Intro: Tell us a little about yourself?

Hi, I am Kiran Srivastava and I blog at KiranTarun ever since I moved to the US with my husband in 2007. When we are not busy blogging, you will find me working on recipesphotography, learning web designing, indulging in occasional twittering & facebooking!

Q1. How did your interest in photography come about and what sustains it till today?

My interest came about the time I started my blog late 2007. I used a point-and-shoot initially and was instantly hooked into photography.

Q2. What do you find most satisfying about photography?

It’s a form of art and I love expressing myself through this art form.  I feel a lot of my photos tell a short story and I love sharing the things/people that I come across in my daily mundane life.

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Q3. What are your favourite subjects to photograph?

I absolutely love food photography, flora, fauna and landscapes. I am yet to broaden my portfolio on portraits. I desperately need people to pose for me!

Q4. Any particularly memorable photography incident that you would like to share with us?

There’s many to choose from, but the most breath-taking was during my recent visit to a NASA final shuttle launch!

Q5. Apart from photography what are your other interests?

I love blogging and creating new recipes in my kitchen. It’s my way of escaping from daily chores. Some of my favourite outdoor activities are cycling, running, swimming and hiking.

Q6. Which are some of your favourite photography blog posts? Also what other related blogs/ sites do you enjoy or find useful?

1. I love my mom and her photo captures the essence of that love.

2. This splash photo definitely captured my heart and so many comments!

3. Up and close shot of an Apollo V during a visit to Kennedy Space Center.

4. I love being creative with my photography, and these shots surely proves.

Some of my favourite photography related blogs/sites that I often visit to broaden my photography skills are Digital Photography School, I Heart Faces, Stuck In Customs and Pioneer Woman Photography.

Q7. What advice would you give beginners in photography? Where to start and what are the basic necessities and equipment needed?

I began shooting with a point-and-shoot before discovering my passion in photography. So my advice is to begin photography with a small budget (point-and-shoot) and work your way up by upgrading to a DSLR (pro). Don’t waste money in your initial investment before discovering your passion. Be it in photography, or anything else.

There are a lot of reviews out there to help you decide on the necessary equipment. Trust me when I tell you that I am still shooting using the kit lens that came with my Nikon D5000 DSLR package. I don’t own a fancy macro or telephoto lens thus far. And I am happy with the results of my 18-55mm kit lens.

As for other equipment – I have a Targus standard tripod that I use for my food photography. There are many out there but choose them based on your subjects i.e portrait, landscapes etc.

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