Dream. Make The Present Beautiful And Your Future Will Naturally Be Taken Care Of

31 things that the author would want to share with everyone as she turns 31 - a whole bunch of interesting and empowering ideas to talk about.

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A Good Rule To Break Down Every Rs 100 In Your Budget Is 50:30:20. Find Out How

How do you make a good, sustainable budget? Fisdom's Subramanya SV tells you about the best way to do that, in a 5-step process.

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23 Women Detectives In Fiction That Follow The Legacy Of Miss Marple
best detective books

Fiction featuring women as detectives has evolved through the years. Here is a round-up of some of the best detective books with women in charge.

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Kudos To These Gutsy ‘Nukkad Entrepreneurs’: Women Who Sell Yummy Street Food!

This post salutes the spirit of those gutsy women selling 'vadapav' to make ends meet. They definitely are our 'nukkad entrepreneurs'.

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Rashmi Bansal Wows Us With Ziddi, Besharam, And Bindaas Women That Touch The Sky
Touch the Sky

There are 'unsung heroes' in Rashmi Bansal's new book Touch the Sky, heroes that are not male by default, but women who have written their own destinies.

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Saudi Arabia Lifts Ban On Women Driving: Too Little To Cheer For?

Saudi Arabia has recently lifted the notorious women driving ban. But, will this actually bring about a change in the state of Saudi women given that the preposterous 'Male Guardianship Law' still exists?

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