17 Tiny, Easy Changes In Lifestyle That Can Save You Thousands Of Rupees Every Month

Do not diss small changes in lifestyle, for these can add up to a whopping saving of money that you did not even know you were unnecessarily spending!

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Here’s Why I Think Accomplished Women Are Choosing To Stay At Home
choosing to stay at home

My choosing to stay at home to take care of my kids has everything to do with an empowered choice and nothing with being pushed into it.

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Welcome To The Fabulous 40s – The Big Four O Is More Than All That It Is Said To Be!
becoming 40

Becoming 40 is not exactly what I thought it would be! It is so much better, and I am lovin' it! Do read on to know why.

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Carpe Diem – Seize Not Just The Day, But Each Moment That You Can Savour
Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem. Do we really believe in it? Then why do we let moments of happiness slide away in the rat race of ambition and anxiety?

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Come Ladies, Let’s Smash Patriarchy In 4 Key Practical Ways!

Patriarchy is at the root of many social ills, and as detrimental to men as to women. We need to smash patriarchy by challenging it in practical ways.

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Kangana Starrer Simran’s Trailer Is Out – It Shows Bollywood Is Waking Up To ‘Flawed’ Women Protagonists

Kangana Ranaut starrer Simran's trailer is out, looks massively impressive and we can't wait for the movie to release!

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