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Why India Needs More Women In its Workforce?

Posted: July 1, 2020

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Here’s our brand new video series, Working Mothers – Unki Samasyayein Aur Samadhan With Dipannita Das.

Dipannita is a freelance writer and YouTuber by profession. Also, she’s a new Mom who’s passionate about writing. She loves dancing and also an all-time sea lover.

In this video, Dipannita discusses why India needs more women in the workforce.

Despite living in modern culture and society, the rate is dropping and the question is WHY & HOW to increase women participation in the workforce.

Before moving on to that HOW, let’s focus on WHY.

Dipannita discusses these important aspects in this video:

What are the challenges faced by women so they quit the workforce?

What is the current male-female ratio and how to improve it Advantages of having women at the workforce Importance of gender diversity in the workforce

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Though we talk about gender equality and workforce participation, still challenges faced by women are many. There are a lot of reasons why women quit, but it is time to explore this and create an environment that supports women as well.


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