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What Women Hear When Single?

Posted: February 13, 2019

Being single, for women in India is strange. What are the most ridiculous things single women should deal with?
We asked single women for things that they hear.
A peek into being single in India:
People get curious about your private life as it is their right to know! Attending a function is a nightmare, as you know where to stand when everyone has a partner! So you avoid attending one! Colleagues would say at your low moment, “You are depressed because you are not married”, and you’d never get an apartment for rent. A strict no-no for a single woman! And you are often told, “Why do you need privacy? You are single no?”

“A woman without a man is a fish without water; that is what patriarchy has preached since centuries.” that is what patriarchy has preached since centuries.

We think it can’t be more ridiculous than this… Why should all the women follow the same cycle? Get married at 21-23, have kids before 30? Don’t they deserve to do what they like?
The message is loud and clear… Single Women are tired of this stereotyping

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