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This Book Will Change Your World: The Other Side Of Silence By Urvashi Butalia

Posted: February 6, 2020

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Welcome to our brand new video series, “This Book Will Change Your World”, by Aparna Vedapuri Singh. In this series, Aparna tells us about her favourite books, written by women. These are books that make you think afresh, bring you joy or do both.

In this first video, Aparna talks about “The Other Side Of Silence”, a work around Partition’s survivors, by Urvashi Butalia. You can get your copy here:

Urvashi Butalia, the Co-Founder of Kali and Zubaan Books is a feminist writer and publisher, known for her pioneering contribution to feminist publishing. The book, The Other Side Of Silence, as the sub-title, “voices from the partition of India” indicates, is a collection of narrative by women around the partition time.

Ms. Butalia takes us through these events as pieced together from first-person accounts of survivors. As this review (…) says, The stories seem fantastic, the violence, the bloodiness and the loss inexplicable, as does the almost mythological account of a society where the different religions had lived together in harmony, love and trust. Surely something had gone seriously wrong somewhere for the anger to have erupted as it had, killing and maiming millions, and creating a legacy of communal disharmony, and an almost pathological enmity between the two countries which were once part of one whole. A whole that had effectively driven their colonial rulers away.

Why you should read this book? Aparna gives you three reasons to read this book. Watch the full video and tell us what you think, in the comments below!

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