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Posted: June 22, 2021

Did you know that you can easily prepare cleaner using orange peels or citrus peels at your home?

These cleaners are not only eco-friendly but also more effective and inexpensive than chemical cleaners. The citrus peels and rose petals that otherwise end up in your dustbin can be made into natural cleaners and disinfectants for your home. These are called bio enzymes.

What are the uses of bio enzymes?

Bio enzymes cleaners are organic solutions produced by fermentation of fruits, vegetables, sugar, and water. These cleaners use the good bacteria to digest wastes, soils, stains and bad odours. Bio enzymes are natural cleaners that naturally decontaminate the environment. Bio enzymes play an important role in the water cycle and the ecosystem.

In this episode of Sustainable Living With Sangeeta, learn how to easily make bio enzymes with things available in your kitchen. There is a number of bio enzymes that you can make at your home, which can be used as floor cleaners, bathroom cleaners, handwash, etc. Sangeeta demonstrates how to make bio enzymes with just 3 ingredients from your kitchen. Why do we need them? Bio enzymes have multiple roles in the environment.

At our homes, by using bio enzymes instead of detergents we can reduce the contamination of water with harmful chemicals.

What are the uses and benefits of using bio enzymes?

Bio enzymes are natural and require very little effort from us to give back to nature. In this video, Sangeeta explains in detail the uses and benefits.

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Sangeeta also meets Priti Rao, Environmentalist and Founder of Soil and Soul. Priti Rao is a Bengaluru based eco-entrepreneur. She is the founder of Soil and Soul, an organization that is engaged in bringing awareness about Sustainability. They have a very important conversation about the water cycle and the role of bio enzymes in it. They discuss how we hinder the water cycle process by not being mindful of the water that we let out through our drainpipes and how chemical cleaners disrupt the good bacteria in our water bodies.

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