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Tamil Film Gargi Is A Daughter’s Battle With The Good And Evil In A Parent

Gargi is an extraordinary Tamil film starring Sai Pallavi, which portrays the dilemma in the mind of a daughter about a loved father - is he an angel or a demon?

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Why Is ‘Woman’ Declared As The Word Of The Year 2022?
Why Is 'Woman' Declared As The Word Of The Year 2022?

As the year ends, it’s appropriate to reflect on how the year was – for women. After all, dictionary.com has declared the word of 2022 to be ‘woman’.This can, of course, be called out to be confusing and misplaced (Women, after all, are about half the population of this world!

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9 Powerful Dialogues From Movies And Series In 2022

9 Powerful Dialogues From Movies And Series In 2022: Here is our list! Check it out if your favourite has made the cut or not!

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I Survived 2022 With Work From Home & 2 Young Kids Coping With Post Pandemic Change

In addition to the trouble of settling kids was the challenge of settling with the better half again after a separation of two-and-a-half years during the pandemic.

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In 2022 I Finally Left A Toxic Home And Moved To Campus For My PhD To Become Fully Independent!

Trapped in a toxic space by those I trusted most had eroded my self-esteem, turned me into a young adult with no self-love. It was time to step away.

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9 Indian Women Who Are In The 2022 Forbes Billionaire List
9 Indian Women Who Are In The Forbes Billionaire List 2022

9 Indian Women Billionaires of India: find out their names, their industries and net worth in this detailed list!

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