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Why Are The Pancha Kanyas Holding A Conference In Swargalok?
Why Are The Pancha Kanyas Holding A Conference In Swargalok?

“The Five Virgins in Swargalok?” asked Indra, the King of the Gods. “My Lord, don’t you think we are rather behind the humans on earth,” she continued, “For one day let Swargalok buzz with words like #metoo, consent, empowerment.”

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It Is Time We Stop Caring About Ravana’s POV: He Is Evil!
It Is Time We Stop Caring About Ravana's POV: He Is Evil!

Again, it is that time of the year, when people are going to talk about Ravana. Before we gear up to burn the villain this Dussehra, let us debunk some myths about Ravana. 

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Why Do We Hesitate To Name Our Daughters Draupadi?

I, too, wanted to name my daughter Yagyasaini after Draupadi but the opposition I faced was too strong, and I had to settle down for a name meaning Agni which, however, was met with equally strong opposition by my MIL.

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7 Lessons Draupadi Teaches Us About Feminist Leadership

Draupadi was not merely an aggrieved woman, but an ambitious leader, a diplomat, a keen politician who understood what motivated her husbands, and she always kept that front and centre so that they would not lose focus.

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Lament Of The Unnamed Mother Of Mahabharata’s Wise Vidur

But even with so many sacrifices, he also remained their puppet, a puppet to their rules and traditions. His righteousness was never enough as my faulty pedigree made him inferior. 

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If Kunti Could Release Draupadi From Being Chained To 5 Husbands

‘Stop right there!’ Draupadi gave him a death glare as she stepped up to him and poked him in the chest with enough force for him to stumble backwards. ‘Let’s get one thing clear, Yudhishtra. I,’ poke, ‘am not,’ poke, ‘your wife,’ poke, ‘anymore. Understood?’

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