Fetishes Are ‘Normal’ As Long As Expressed With Consent; Not The ‘Deviant Freak’ That Pop Culture Says They Are

People with fetishes or fantasies can be ordinary people - doctors, lawyers, clerks, accountants, unemployed people who have families, pets, and the same socio-familial responsibilities as you and me. The fetishes are just one part of their stories.

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There’s One Thing That Will Give You More Pleasure Than Dirty Talk Or Sexting, As I Have Realised!
talking about sex

Too little. Too much. Too boring. Too exciting. Too violent. Too tame. In all of the situations, sex was an issue, and sometimes that lack of it was a symptom of something else.

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Pleasurable Casual Sex With Full Consent Taught Me To Connect More Deeply & Honestly With My Partners
casual sex

We are often told that our 'value' diminishes with each person we give ourselves to sexually, but I believe pleasurable, casual sex with full consent made me a better, more honest, and deeply caring person. 

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