Aarushi Ahluwalia

Aarushi Ahluwalia is an author, journalist and columnist. She has been covering women's issues and rights for various news organisations throughout her career of almost a decade, and now runs a women's media platform called The Pamphleteer where she shares personalized stories of womanhood and the socio-politics of feminism. Her first book of poetry 'Girls I Found In My Pen' published by Writersgram Publications can be found on Amazon and Flipkart, and she's currently in the process of editing her first novel (while drinking copious amounts of coffee).

Voice of Aarushi Ahluwalia

Why Loving Freely Is The Most Dangerous Thing An Indian Woman Can Do

As things stand right now, the freedom to make your own choices is bought with total and complete cutting of ties from the family unit, and that's not easy, it is not even possible for a lot of people.

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fake orgasms
Why Do Indian Women Fake Orgasms?

"I don't know," she started to say, "I just never have been able to have an orgasm with someone before. It's not like I don't enjoy sex, I just feel like it's hotter for him if I... finish. Faking orgasms is just easier."

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Yes, I am Raising A Feminist Son!

My stepson's school was organising a ladoo-making workshop for moms & he asked why fathers couldn't make ladoos too! When you teach your son feminism, you teach them to think for themselves!

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Women’s Spaces Where Men Don’t Enter Often Discuss Sex More Than We Realise; Let’s Cherish Them!

This young woman had a hickey on her neck, and my mother and her friends were playfully ribbing her about how much sex she seemed to be having. I was appalled. We don't talk about sex in India! Or so I thought.

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Fetishes Are ‘Normal’ As Long As Expressed With Consent; Not The ‘Deviant Freak’ That Pop Culture Says They Are

People with fetishes or fantasies can be ordinary people - doctors, lawyers, clerks, accountants, unemployed people who have families, pets, and the same socio-familial responsibilities as you and me. The fetishes are just one part of their stories.

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talking about sex
There’s One Thing That Will Give You More Pleasure Than Dirty Talk Or Sexting, As I Have Realised!

Too little. Too much. Too boring. Too exciting. Too violent. Too tame. In all of the situations, sex was an issue, and sometimes that lack of it was a symptom of something else.

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casual sex
Pleasurable Casual Sex With Full Consent Taught Me To Connect More Deeply & Honestly With My Partners

We are often told that our 'value' diminishes with each person we give ourselves to sexually, but I believe pleasurable, casual sex with full consent made me a better, more honest, and deeply caring person. 

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“They’re Scared Of Your Freedom” The Stories Beyond The Labels We Give Women

Feminism, to me, is one woman lending support to another woman in pain. It's women speaking the nuance of their existences without being saint or sinner.

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If I’m A Woman Who Openly Likes Sex And Handcuffs, It Doesn’t Mean I’m Mentally Ill

Whenever a woman displays autonomy and agency in a way that makes men uncomfortable, whether through sexual freedom or calling them out on their abusive behaviour, men call us insane.

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things are better now for women
‘But Things Are Better Now For Women’ Are They Really? Please Check Your Privilege

An answer for when people say from their place of privilege, "now there are so many laws for women; what you say happened in the past, but these things don't happen now!"

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abortion by choice
When My Doctor Shamed Me For Choosing To Have An Abortion…

Just because I decided on an abortion by choice when contraception failed, it doesn't mean that I am not allowed to feel the grief of loss.

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