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Colourism: Can Celebrities Cure Our Ugly Obsession With Fair Skin?

"It started when I was about seven years old. It was my birthday, and someone at the party said, ‘If she were fair, she would’ve looked beautiful.’"

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When A Desi In The US Says Dating Or Marrying A Black Person ‘Would Be Unacceptable To Family’
interracial marriages

Interracial marriages in the US – let's examine the very telling desi POV on mixed marriages between an Indian and a black person.

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It’s Vile To Call NE Indians ‘Corona’, Just Because They Have Chinese Looking Features!

What gives us the right to throw filth at other nations and talk about their racial discrimination when we are doing it amongst ourselves? COVID-19 has brought out all these racial tendencies.

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Calling People Of The NE ‘Coronavirus’ – Are We Completely Losing Our Humanity?

From calling them aliens and other racial slurs, we have always made people from NE India feel othered. But calling them 'corona virus' is the worst yet!

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Why Gursoach Kaur’s Becoming The First Female Turbaned Officer In The NYPD Is Good News For American Sikhs

As we cheer for Gursoach Kaur, the first turbaned female officer in New York Police Department, it is important to understand how it will affect American Sikhs, who have been fighting against racial discrimination.

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