Nipa Asharam
360 The Wellness Concept

Posted: September 15, 2016

Few of my favorite things are to wake up to a beach, collect experiences around the world, and ‘google’ just about everything that makes me curious! Born and brought up in Mumbai, where I spent 15 years in corporate world (and somehow found the time to extensively study Finance and Marketing), developed skills in human behavior and learned that actionable goals can get one almost anywhere.

Somewhere in-between chasing deadlines, pursuing new hobbies, discovering beautiful places, I underwent a ‘360-degree’ transformation. I started to question my choices to find my own answers. It was a beautiful (& scary) process of unlearning what I’d learned as a student, a professional, a friend, a daughter, a woman. I was vulnerable because I knew the new direction was leading me away from everything I was familiar and comfortable with, everything I was good at!

But if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have found ‘me’ or my calling – as a certified health, wellness and life coach. My love for branding and unfolding human layers met my passion to shape and transform lives – Founder of Eat.Breathe.Smile and Co-founder of 360 The Wellness Concept, the attempt is to bust several wellness myths to build powerful brands. As a full time practicing life coach and wellness coach – the endeavor is to create platform for wellness and work with entrepreneurs and individuals in India through events, journalism and focused consultancy.

My work can be found on:

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