Vinita Ramtri

Hi, I am Vinita Ramtri and I live in London. You can reach me via email on or phone on 00447817256077. My purpose in life is to provoke thought about living without permission – above permission and beyond permission. A single mother to two children, I work at a bank to make a living. Other than that, my passion is to write, speak and coach. You can watch more about me on Thanks for connecting, Vinita

Voice of Vinita Ramtri

Why AM I Writing A Novel

Tara is an embodiment of our search for the key to open the door — until we realise that the door was open all along.

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Female Leadership During COVID-19 – Are We Really In This Together?

While female leaders of countries during COVID-19 have made headlines, besides stellar leadership, are other factors at play? Let's dig deeper. %

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I Decided To Be Single Again At 35, When I Had It All…

A young woman dreams of getting married and making a family only to let it go once her dream if fulfilled, asking herself is love worth it?

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Just Because I’m A Woman…

Just because we love to make assumptions about women, doesn’t mean they’re true.

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This Christmas, Our Heart Is Our Home

This Christmas, I ache to write, ‘I’m coming home…But I find my words asking me, ‘Where’s home for you?’

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dating in 40s
“Don’t Call Me Baby” – Dating Tips For Women In Their 40s!

Divorced or widowed, when women above 40 decide to date, they are criticised. But fear not, here are a few tips on what to do when you date in your 40s!

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