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This Christmas, Our Heart Is Our Home

Posted: November 27, 2019

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There’s something magical about Christmas.

From the carol singers to the reindeers, from the perfectly done Christmas trees to thoughtful presents … it’s as it every jingle, every sparkle goes right through to the soul and your heart pines to be home.

More than ever, you want to say, ‘I’m coming home…’


As for my loved ones,

I’m in love with words and they love me right back.

Faithfully, I write…

Together, we enjoy creation

Then readers join the party, there’s a little celebration

Everyday I write…

This Christmas, I ache to write, ‘I’m coming home…’

But I find my words asking me, ‘Where’s home for you?’


I say to my words, you need to understand. As Indian women, the day you are married, your parent’s home is yours no more. When then you get divorced, it’s another set of good byes.

Maybe one Christmas, we too, will go home.

As for now, let’s work up our magic of creation and make our own little celebration.

This Christmas, our heart is our home.

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