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Usha Mallya

I have been in the finance and investment field for the last 15 years. I believe that women empowerment is incomplete without knowing how to handle your money. I educate women about money, finance and investment. I have a blog for them, www.womoneya.com. I will more than happy to give talks and guide women on investments. I also coach and mentor financial advisors , please check www.ifainsights.com

Voice of Usha Mallya

Women Rarely Know Of The Family’s Medical Insurance Policies. And It Costs Them

How many women are aware of the family's medical insurance policies? Or know how to use them? Wake up before you receive a rude wake-up call. 

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what you need to know about investing
All You Need To Know For Investing Is YOURSELF!

Ladies, are you looking at your own finances? Here's what you need to know for investing, and it isn't really rocket science.

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How To Rebuild Finances After Divorce And Take Control Of Your Life Again

Divorce can break apart your life, but to be able to deal effectively with it, you must have control over your money. Here's a look at how to rebuild finances after divorce.

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Keep Calm And Shop On… For SIPs

It is natural to want to splurge when you begin to earn, but early investing in SIP can really build up a corpus for your future.

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What I Did When I Decided To Take A Salary Even Though I Was Not Earning

The one thing I really missed about a job was the regular salary. So I decided on an investment option with monthly returns, giving myself a salary!

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