Dr. Tanu Shree Singh is a parent to two preteen boys, a lecturer in Psychology, and has a keen interest in the area of Positive Psychology. Most of her theories of bringing up children, however, have been violently challenged and reshaped by her two sons. She is surrounded by three clueless men (one by virtue of wedlock and two by virtue of womb), has five dogs with distinct non-canine personalities, and has an ever growing bookshelf to hide behind.

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13 Things I’d Like To Say To My Son Who’s Starting University (Works For Daughters Too!)

A mom writes a heartfelt yet the perfect note to her son as she leaves him at university where he'll be making his life as an 'adult' for the first time. 

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being positive
Why ‘Being Positive’ & ‘Being An Angry Feminist’ Are Both Essential For Today’s Indian Woman

Is being positive the same as 'looking at the brighter side of things'? No, says the author, proving by example that there is so much more to living as an Indian woman today.

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My Gender My Nemesis; As An Indian Woman Fear Is A Constant, But I Can’t Give Up!

All odds are stacked against me as a woman, a woman in India. At every step. But I need to keep going on for all of us. We all need to keep the flames burning, undeterred.

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free play
Thinking Summer Camps? NO, Let Them Play Free! Here’s Why

In this era of 'manicured gardens' and 'coaching classes' for everything conceivable to 'improve' kids' skills, where is the time for the essential free play?

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equal society
A Teacher At A Haryanvi College About Their Women’s Day: Beating Patriarchy One Lesson At A Time

A patriarchal rural society, where my students showed that a #PressforProgress towards a more equal society could be made, if only one step at a time.

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How To Talk To Your Child About The Birds, Bees, And The Whole Jungle

Recent cases of children being curious about sexuality and accessing inappropriate content only reinforce the need to talk more about sex, not less!

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Nine Ways To Keep Calm And Raise Your Teen

Raising a teenager can be baffling. Here are nine ways to raise your teenager, who needs you now more than ever.

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How to handle sibling rivalry
How To Handle Sibling Rivalry (And Keep Your Sanity As A Parent!)

Handling sibling rivalry is stressful for a parent who is constantly called in to ‘referee’. These tips on how to handle sibling rivalry will get you smiling.

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The value of letting your child do nothing
5 Surprising Reasons For Letting Kids ‘Do Nothing’ This Summer

Why do children need unstructured time? Making the case for a ‘do nothing’ summer vacation that still leaves kids with plenty.

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teaching children needs and wants
Teaching Children The Difference Between Needs And Wants

Kids today have so much, but peer pressure makes them want even more! How can parents teach children the difference between needs and wants? Tips for parents:

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how to teach children about friendship
How To Teach Children About Friendship Across Gender Lines

Mixed-gender friendships can help develop important life skills in kids. Tips for Indian parents to teach children about friendship across the gender divide.

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How To Reduce Stress
8 Tips To Reduce Stress And Raise Happy Children

Children today are under tremendous pressure and are prone to disorders like depression. How can Indian moms and dads reduce stress and raise happy children?

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