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Sweta Srivastava Vikram (www.swetavikram.com), featured by Asian Fusion as “one of the most influential Asians of our time,” is a best-selling author of 11 books, mindfulness writing coach, social issues advocate, headstand-devotee, and a certified yoga & Ayurveda counselor who helps people lead creative, productive, and healthier lives. "Louisiana Catch" (Modern History Press 2018) is her debut U.S. novel and 12th book. She writes about women, multiculturalism, wellness, and identity. Sweta, whose work has appeared in The New York Times, amongst other publications, across nine countries on three continents, is an award-winning writer and graduate of Columbia University. She lives in New York City with her husband and in her spare time, teaches yoga to female survivors of rape and domestic violence. You can find her in these online spaces: Twitter (@swetavikram), Instagram (@swetavikram), and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/Words.By.Sweta)

Voice of Sweta Vikram

manipulative women
If You’re Called A Manipulative Woman, You’re Probably A Victim Of Patriarchy Just Trying To Live A Life

Indian women are conditioned to nurture, to give in to a man's ego, to be the 'good woman'. No wonder then, that manipulation is a survival strategy just to be able to live their lives.

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Indian Women Must Stop Giving Away Their Power By Seeking Validation From Others

As women conditioned to second guess ourselves, we are often guilty of seeking approval and validation from others for our actions and choices, undermining our own power.

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The Fatal Stigma & Silence Around Mental Health Among Desis Everywhere – Why?

Why don't we Indians believe in taking help for depression? "The problem comes from a culture of shame and labelling among the South Asian community," says author Sweta Srivastava Vikram.

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