Sushumna Kannan

Sushumna Kannan has a PhD in Cultural Studies and works on topics in feminism and religion, postcolonial studies and South Asian history among others. She received the Bourse Mira fellowship by the French government in 2016 and 2017. She is currently Adjunct Faculty at San Diego State University. Visit for more writings. She blogs at

Voice of Sushumna Kannan

Vaidehi's Akku Ammachi Yemba nenapu
Vaidehi’s ‘Akku’ In Ammachi Yemba Nenapu: The ‘Mad Woman’ As Reaction To Trauma In A Patriarchy

Dr Vaidehi’s classic story Akku examines the 'mad woman' as a product of trauma inflicted by an unequal, patriarchal society, adapted to screen as Ammachi Yemba Nenapu.

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divorce on H4 visa
Divorce On H4 Visa Can Go Horribly Wrong For Women: Here’s What You Might Encounter

Divorce on H4 visa can go completely downhill for dependent women who are unfamiliar with their new country.

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Period. End Of Sentence: Worthy Message But No Riding On Shock-Value, Please!

At 25 minutes, Period. End of sentence achieves a lot. It moves us, provokes us and leaves us right when we wanted more. Yet, it suffers from its tendency to combine shock value with reformist overtones.

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Niharika Singh’s #MeToo Story Makes Us Think Of The Precondition To Consenting

There is something called a precondition to consenting - Consent is not just about the 'Yes' or 'No' given but about the circumstances in which it is given. Niharika Singh's story illustrates this best. 

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Why I Find The Expression, “Happy Wife, Happy Life!” Patronising & Offensive

When we go as a couple to buy home decor items, shop assistants feel that pandering to the wife's ego will work. They just end up being patronising and offensive, in my case.

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H4 visa
Wives On H4 Visa – How Do You Deal With The Depression That Dependency Causes?

Wives on H4 Visa effectively lose all right to financial independence, and that can lead to psychological problems. How do you deal with these troubles?

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