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Sophia is the founder of Soul Cafe, a mom, a travel and life enthusiast. She has keen interest in studying human relationships and behavioral patterns. After a decade of playing various roles in the corporate sector, she now focuses on her venture that is dedicated to nurturing soul relationships.

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female friendships
Does Your Friendship Pass The Bechdel Test? Check It Out Today!

Apply the Bechdel test for female friendships to your friends, and decide for yourself which of your friends are the ones for keeps. How? Read on to find out.

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Being Real – The Velveteen Rabbit Way

What does being real mean? This is relevant specially for women who have to often hide their real selves to be accepted in a relationship.

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Handling Breakups: The First 2 Years Of Life Can Decide How You Might Handle It

How you go about handling breakups depends a lot on your attachment style - the way you learn to relate to a parent in the first 2 years of life.

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Is The Glut Of Choices In Everything Leading To Decision Fatigue And More Stress?

More and more, we are faced with choosing from many options in even the smallest thing. The decision fatigue that is caused as a result adds to the other stressors of today's life. So, how do we handle this?

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The Key To A Magical Love Relationship Is To Love Yourself Within

To love yourself within is to open a magical door to happiness. This piece explores, the realms of the inner child and how loving and exploring it can make our relationships beautiful.

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The Need For Deeper Conversations In Relationships To Be Happy

To be happy, we need deeper conversations in our relationships, rather than the day to day superficial ones. Going deeper makes us free and light.

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The Wabi-Sabi Love: Celebrating Cracks, Imperfections And Creating Mosaics

Wabi Sabi love celebrates the imperfections, the broken pieces, the cracks, which are all a part of the natural order. It's time, we embrace it.

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Can Music Be A Litmus Test For Shared Values In A Relationship?

What does our taste in music say about us or others? Can we measure our compatibility with someone, by knowing their musical leanings? Here's a take.

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Did Cinderella Really Live A Happily Ever After Life?

The story of Cinderella or the damsel in distress have been told and retold, over centuries. But did Cinderella really live a happily ever after life?

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Do You Know What ‘You’ Really Need From A Relationship?

Each individual's needs from a relationship are different. Maslow's hierarchy may explain why some relationships work, while others don't!

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What Would A World With A million Shades of Pink And Blue Be Like?

Going beyond gender stereotypes, we need to know that gender is a spectrum, and that everyone has a uniqueness beyond conventional definitions of male and female.

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In Love With A Narcissist

How do you know if you are in love with a narcissist? Find out how narcissism may be affecting your relationship.

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Elsa Frozen
Let It Go: How Frozen Got Us Looking At The Magic Within

This article explores the magic of self-acceptance and its significance in relationships through the character Elsa, from the animated film – Frozen.

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growing in love
Are You Growing In Love Or Out Of It?

As the world celebrates the day of Love, here is a chance to reflect on our relationship. In the ever increasing pace of life - are we growing in love or out of it?

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Giving Up Pygmalion Projects In A Relationship

Do we love the people we love for who they are? Or who who would like them to be?

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The Journey Of Finding Yourself: Learn What Individuation Is

The journey of finding yourself is long, difficult, and universal. Be grateful for those you encounter, says this post.

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