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Sneha Acharekar

Sneha Acharekar is the author of 'Let Go Yet Glow' (2014), 'Faith, Fate and a Fairytale' (2017) and 'Purple Winters' (2020). She hosts her own podcast 'Stories by Sneha' on all major podcasting channels and features short stories written by her and guest writers on the show every week. To connect with her, reach out on her Instagram handle @the.agathist

Voice of Sneha Acharekar

I’m A 36 y.o. Single Mom, But My Life Isn’t Over Yet!

Just because I did not want to spend years fighting for alimony despite being a single mom now, I was told I should, as my "life was over"!

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How Shaming Young Women For Their Sexual Choices Can Put Them In Very Real Danger

In a society that calls relationships by the name 'affairs', the stigma could be too much for a woman who'd rather face the violence, putting her at danger.

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Just Because Her Pain And Suffering Were Invisible, Didn’t Mean They Didn’t Exist!

Sudha felt trapped. Every single day with Ankit was becoming like a thunderstorm of humiliation and she kept looking for opportunities to avoid him.

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