Sindhura Ravulapalli

Sindhura is a musically-inclined management grad with chronic love for writing. Her eternal love for creativity and fine arts landed her into classical singing, painting and many more. When not weaving stories and hovering in her fancy land, she is usually seen reading or watching movies. Currently, she is working for a Bank.

Voice of Sindhura Ravulapalli

Fighting Against Patriarchy, One Step At A Time

Over the years women have convinced the families, compromised, sacrificed and even fought to give the freedom that we are enjoying today.

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failed her son
She Failed Her Son When She Could Have Taught Him A Valuable Lesson

This woman was dismissive of the rights of others, despite being an educated, aware woman. She also failed her son as a mother.

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poor women
Will Low Cost Sanitary Napkins Have An Adverse Impact On Menstrual Health? Here’s My Take

We cannot sacrifice quality while providing low cost sanitary napkins to rural women as that might ultimately hurt the cause of their menstrual hygiene.

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arranging a marriage
Of Arranged Marriages And The Underlying Tales That Are The Bane Of A Single Girl’s Life!

As a woman crosses a certain age, everybody and their aunt gets interested in arranging a marriage for her. A hilarious personal account.

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It Is Time Young Indian Women Stop Being Influenced By Demure Role Models In Indian Cinema

It is time Indian women cast away the influence of Indian cinema which teaches them that good girls do not freely express their love for a man!

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