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I Chose To Stay With My In Laws, But When They Tried To Take Over My Life…

I soon realised that what I wear, where I go, whom I meet, what I eat - everything needed 'permission'; while my husband was free to go about his life as usual.

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To Be Financially Independent Women, We Need To Be Financially Disciplined First

Financial discipline comes from learning how to manage one’s money. This is how women can have power in the household, society, economy.

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It Takes Real Courage To Write #MeToo. Don’t Be The Reason Your Friends Are Afraid To Share

The recent #MeToo campaign has been derided by some as hashtag activism, but let's look beneath the surface. Speaking up takes Courage.

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Why I Think It Is A Good Idea To Encourage A Version Of Chivalry In Indian Boys And Men

Chivalry should not be considered outdated, only because it can inculcate real, practical respect for women in Indian boys and men.

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give up her individuality
My Marriage Jolted Me Out Of My Bubble When Expected To Give Up My Individuality And Become Subservient Overnight

Girls today are often brought up to be individuals in their own right. Why, then, is a woman expected to give up her individuality as soon as she marries?

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