Sheena Lakshmi

An explorer and seeker of all sorts, who relishes the art of weaving magic through words. I live in Bangalore. My interests range from understanding spiritual literature, philosophy, travelling, and being amidst nature. In my spare time, I love to experiment on various recipes around the world and plough a heap or two and probe for earthworms in my garden.

Voice of Sheena Lakshmi

Playing The Kaikottikali [#Winner]

“Have you checked your size? You can’t even move from this room to the other without wobbling and you’re gonna play Kaikottikali in front of that huge audience? Unbelievable!"

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Not Even A Lack Of Basic Facilities At Home Deters These Young Girls From Dreaming Big Of An Education

These spunky young girls from a North Karnataka village share their dreams with the author working with Sphoorthi, at a 3 day leadership camp.

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8 Practical Tips To Start Your Career As An Independent Writer

Being an independent writer in a competitive market is not easy. Here are some excellent, practical tips to get you going.

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phoenix rising
Phoenix Rising From The Ashes [#ShortStory]

Love? Does she deserve too? Why not? Isn’t it natural for a being to fall in love? But, she faltered, so did her heart, for it was easier that way.

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crazy PMS mood swings
The 7 Point Programme For Turning Around Those Crazy PMS Mood Swings

Do you experience some crazy PMS mood swings? Here is what you can do to make your life better on 'those' days of the month!

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Refugee In My Own Land [#Poem]

With the indefinite ban on Syrian refugees in the United States, and a reduction in the number of refugees that can enter the United States, the hopes of thousands of innocent refugees to lead peaceful lives have come down crashing.

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Do We Need To Protect Our Girls Or Just Teach Our Boys To Respect Them?

Teaching boys to respect girls can go a long way towards eliminating the need to protect them from the threat of violence. The onus is on us.

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